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  • Ortom Advantages

    Cutting-edge technology, average waiting time of 4 minutes, shorter orthodontic treatment, etc. You can review here all the Ortom advantages.

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  • Cost and Financing

    The cost of the orthodontic treatment will depend on the type of treatment required, but estimates are fixed in all cases, and we will offer you financing plans.

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  • Specialists in Invisible Orthodontics

    Our 25 years of exclusive dedication to Orthodontics ensure the introduction of innovation in our Orthodontic Clinics in Madrid and Torrejón.

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  • How to solve orthodontics little problems

    It is important that you learn how to solve those little problems which may appear as you go, and without needing to attend our clinic.

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  • Tips

    How to look after the devices, how and what to eat with the devices, how to wash your teeth, etc. You can solve all your doubts here.

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  • Knowing more

    In order to know more about Ortom Orthodontics and overall orthodontics, visit this section.

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