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Orthodontics is a specialty that has experienced major changes in recent years, both in terms of treatment and regarding technology, devices, and materials used.

We have achieved a reduction in treatment times thanks to low-friction braces and nickel-titanium wires with elastic memory. Cosmetic or porcelain braces are already being manufactured with low-friction technique, and therefore we can treat our patients with the most modern orthodontics, and the most discreet devices.

And for those cases where the aesthetic aspect is very important, and patients require devices not to be seen, we offer treatments with lingual orthodontics, or transparent orthodontics with devices such as Invisalign. Invisible orthodontics is currently able to solve any type of problem and at any age.

  • Invisalign

    At Ortom Orthodontics Madrid and Torrejón, we are pioneers in treating malocclusions with cosmetic devices. Get information about our treatment with Invisalign transparent orthodontics.

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  • Lingual System

    Lingual orthodontics is the system of fixed orthodontics which provides the fastest results, with the advantage that the orthodontic device is completely invisible, as braces are in the inside.

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  • Damon – Low-Friction Braces

    With Damon we can achieve shorter treatments, faster teeth movements, and less discomfort for patients.

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  • Cosmetic Braces

    Porcelain or cosmetic braces are similar to the colour of teeth, and are less visible than metallic braces. At Ortom Orthodontics Madrid and Torrejón, we use cosmetic sapphire braces.

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  • Micro-implants

    Micro-implants are pins temporarily placed in the bone, and are used as support for conducting teeth movements that would be impossible otherwise.

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  • 3D Radiology

    The 3-D scanner will provide plenty of information that we cannot obtain with a simple panoramic. Our scanner also features a 3-D photo module, which is useful to assess facial aesthetics in surgical patients.

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  • Retention

    At Ortom Orthodontics, we guarantee life-long outcomes. We can achieve them by placing retainers at the end of the orthodontic treatment. At Ortom, retention is wireless, with a digital retention system called Vivera.

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