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During Orthodontics

  • Period of Active Treatment

    This is the stage where the malocclusion is corrected according to the treatment plan. Once the devices have been inserted, adjustments in the wires are conducted during subsequent appointments; and in the case of Invisalign, new transparent aligners are provided. The visits for adjustment will be brief, they will take between 10 and 20 minutes. The stage of active treatment is typically conducted only once, and only in some cases we will split this into two phases:

    • A first stage of early treatment, for correction of any defects present at that time, which would be very difficult to correct later on, or to prevent a worsening of the problem.
    • A final treatment stage, where the active treatment is completed and finished.

    Sometimes, due to treatment complexity or unforeseen changes in patient’s growth in the case of children, a new study of the case is required, new records must be prepared, and the initial plan of treatment presented must be modified, and a new plan prepared. Should this happen, there won’t be any impact on the initial estimate, everything is included in the cost.

    Period of Active Treatment
  • Period of Retention

    In the retention stage, the objective is to guarantee life-long outcomes, stabilizing and holding the occlusion in its new position. Retainers are designed to keep teeth in the right position, until bone and gums adapt to the change. This is a very important moment in the treatment, because it would be useless to correct a malocclusion unless we take care of keeping teeth it their new position. At Ortom, we can offer you a very important innovation in this stage of treatment: retention without wires, with a digital retention system called Vivera. Retainers are temporary; the Orthodontist will decide how long they must be used. The greatest treatment failures occur during this retention phase, because patients may believe that everything has already been corrected. Therefore, we need cooperation by patients and their parents: retainers must always be worn, but not carried inside a pocket or in their box! Frequently, at the start of the retention stage, it will be necessary to repeat the records (X-rays, models, photos…) that were made during the period of study of the case, in order to understand the outcomes obtained, to quantify the scale of the changes performed, to learn about the characteristics of development still to occur, and to predict the evolution of wisdom teeth. At that time, and only if necessary, we will indicate the need to repeat said records.

    Vivera retainers information
  • Periodical Appointments

    Typically, there will be appointments every 4 to 8 weeks of treatment, though some treatments will require more visits and others will require less; this will depend on the complexity of each case and the devices used. During holidays, it is likely that appointments will be spaced out to 5-8 weeks. In this case, devices will be adjusted to continue acting during all this time, and this won’t entail, in any case, a delay in treatment length. In case of need, you can call us, and we will give you a series of recommendations to solve small problems until the time of your next visit: how to remove a broken wire, how to stick a little piece of wax or silicon where the device is hurting you, etc.

    Periodical Appointments
  • Treatment Extension and Discontinuation

    Typically, treatment will take place within the period of time expected, if the patient uses the devices adequately and attends all appointments scheduled. Though it is not usual, occasionally there can be variations that will modify the length of treatment initially planned: delays or changes in the sequence of teeth eruption, growth delay, unforeseen complications during treatment, difficulties in teeth movement, etc.

    Treatment Extension
  • How can the patient help?

    The best results are achieved with the best patients. And being a good patient is very easy, you must only follow the instructions we will give you at the clinic, attend all your appointments, and make a little personal effort regarding good hygienic habits and using your devices as long as necessary. In the case of children, cooperation by parents is very important, both in order to obtain good habits and hygiene, and to encourage the child and take care that their motivation and excitement will continue throughout the orthodontic treatment. Cooperation and effort by patients will not only help to prevent the development of calcium deficiency, teeth cavities or swollen gums, but will also help us to achieve better outcomes and within a shorter time. The road may seem long, but a great final smile is guaranteed!

    Patient can help
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