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How to Finish Sooner

  • Even though we will always estimate the length of the orthodontic treatment, it is difficult to determine accurately the final date. Here are some recommendations for the treatment to be completed on the date initially planned:

    • Attend appointments regularly and on time. In order to conduct teeth movements adequately, there is a biologic time that must be observed; but the following visit cannot be delayed, because the wire will continue acting, and this might be excessive. Being on time is important to ensure that we can spend with you as much time as you need.
    • Keep an adequate hygiene: Gum swelling or bleeding caused by poor hygiene will prolong treatment duration. Force cannot be applied on swollen gums, because the inflammation can become worse. Thickened gums due to poor cleaning will prevent teeth movement. Continuous inflammation will lead to chronic gum thickening, and it will be necessary to resort to surgery to turn them back to their natural state. Besides, poor hygiene will cause calcium deficiency and teeth cavities.
    • Be careful with food: You will be able to eat almost anything while on orthodontic treatment, but you must follow some recommendations to prevent braces from getting detached, so that wires won’t bend, etc. If your treatment is with Invisalign, you won’t need to be concerned about anything, because this device must be removed to eat.
    • Cooperation by patient: It is very important to wear the devices and the elastic bands during the adequate hours, because otherwise treatment won’t only get slower, but there will also be no progress. If you wear your device half the time recommended, there won’t be any progress in your treatment.
    How to Finish Sooner
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