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Gummy smile corrected with orthodontics

The gummy smile is excess exposure gum upper jaw to smile. It is considered that there gummy smile when there is an exhibition of more than 2mm, although in a somewhat higher exposure women are admitted.

It may be due to multiple causes among which are excessive vertical growth of the maxilla, the only possibility of correction would be through orthognathic surgery, excess growth of gum covering the tooth, which treatment would be the gingivectomy, and an increase in eruption of the upper front teeth.

Such is the case of this patient had a complete overbite, the upper front teeth completely covered the lower, and a gummy smile 4mm. To intrude the anterior teeth overbite are corrected as much as gingival exposure when smiling. It took 16 months of treatment in self-ligating brackets also solve other problems present as dental crowding and Class II.

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