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  • Mordida cruzada posterior bilateral

    Bilateral posterior cross bite and mild crowding

    This patient had bilateral posterior cross bite, the upper teeth by biting into the lower both sides due to the presence of a narrow jaw by skeletal compression. To correct it is necessary to place a jaw breaker that the patient must wear for about 6-8 months time for bone formation. Once you completed the […]

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  • Sonrisa gingival corregida con ortodoncia

    Gummy smile corrected with orthodontics

    The gummy smile is excess exposure gum upper jaw to smile. It is considered that there gummy smile when there is an exhibition of more than 2mm, although in a somewhat higher exposure women are admitted. It may be due to multiple causes among which are excessive vertical growth of the maxilla, the only possibility […]

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  • Caso resuelto: implantes y ortodoncia

    Implants and orthodontics

    Because this severe trauma patient lost the two upper central incisors, the only solution was to restore the aesthetic placement of two implants to replace them. But first we decided putting on braces to correct the large lower crowding and improve the occlusion so that the implants had better previous function. We use sapphire self-ligating […]

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